Today the world faces humanitarian crises of increasing complexities and severity and even as we anticipate our vulnerability to global events, the need for expertise and research dedicated to finding solutions to humanitarian challenges has never been more pertinent.

Training institutions represent a large resource that can and should be harnessed to support humanitarian endeavour. Several institutions exist abroad where humanitarian services administration and humanitarian studies are offered as courses. Some of these include: Institute of Humanitarian Resources and the Humanitarian University in the United State; University of Connecticut: North Carolina State University among others. Sadly there is no institution dedicated to the promotion of humanitarian, not-for-profit services and social development in our country.../Read More »


Welcome to the Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development. The Institute is yet another milestone recorded in the history of Africa. In IHSD, Value, Professionalism, Integrity, Credibility and Accountability are the watch words. This citadel of learning has provided a Unique Opportunity for Knowledge acquisition to all that are involved in Humanitarian, Non-Profit and Social Services in such a flexible and accessible manner.

-His Excellency, Senator (Gen.) Ike Nwachukwu, mni CFR


Thank you for choosing Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development (IHSD), your number one professional Institute of higher learning dedicated to humanitarian Studies and Social Development in Africa with Operational base in Nigeria. We present a brand new opportunity of learning to all who wish to become renowned humanitarian and Social Service practitioners. Join us to advance the course of humanity today!

-Prince Francis Origa (Hon) MIDPM, fihsd

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