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Professional Certificate Courses

  1. Humanitarian Peace Education/Diplomacy
  2. Youth Development and Women Empowerment
  3. NGO Establishment/Management
  4. Social Works Administration
  5. Humanitarian Studies
  6. Adolescent Sexuality and HIV/AIDS Education
  7. Child Care and Welfare
  8. Community Development
  9. Conflict Studies and Peace Building
  10. Financial/Grant Management
  11. Project Management
  12. Guidance/Counseling
  13. Humanitarian Assistance
  14. Disaster  Management/Refugee Studies
  15. Social Health Education
  16. International Humanitarian Laws

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School of Computer Studies

  1. Web Design/E-Business Marketing
  2. Desktop Publishing
  3. Computer Networking


The institute offers scholarship to students and other members of the public who
are from poor backgrounds but have done excellently well in volunteerism and
humanitarian services with verifiable records. Students who wish to apply for
scholarship can pick up our scholarship forms at our office and attach to their
application form for submission. Note that the institute gives scholarships to
students after much scrutiny and must possess exceptional results.